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Smith Action Optics Polarized Eye wear - The Chamber

Pale Morning Media dropped us a note to fill us in about some of the new additions to the Smith Action Optics 2007 lineup. Being pseudo journalists with our readers well being firmly in mind, we immediately started asking tough questions.

Us: First of all what makes your polarized sunglasses better than the ones we can buy for $10 bucks down at the local Wally world?

Them: Quite a few things.

Us: (With upraised eyebrow) Elaborate please!

Them: Stylish looks, legendary polarization, techlite glass lenseswith distortion free tapered lens technology, and Smith's lifetime warranty.

Us: Continue.

Them: Extra-large eye coverage, total polarized protection, and a photochromic option are the hallmarks of the new Chamber from Smith Optics.

Designed with the demanding conditions of professional guides in mind, the Chamber defeats glare with Smith Optics legendary polarization and wins the fashion battle with a stylish cigar-band logo and the smooth curves of a Grilamid frame. Available in eight unique tints including Smith Optics photochromic lenses, the Chamber is the ideal partner for a day as well as a full season of on-the-water use.

“The Chamber is an ideal large-fitting, guide-quality fishing frame,” said Peter Crow, General Manager of Smith’s Action Optics Polarized Collection. “With extra-large eye coverage and a deep variety of polarized lens tints, the Chamber gives you both the choices you want and the protection you need.”

Created from optical-quality Techlite glass, the Chamber’s lenses are finalized with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings for optimum clarity and performance. The Chamber also features Hydrophilic Megol nose pads and temple pads for day-long, slip-free comfort.

Protected by Smiths Lifetime Warranty, the Chamber’s 8-base “wrap-style” lens curvature serves up superior straight-ahead and excellent peripheral vision. Eliminating any possible distortion in the lenses is Smith’s unique ™™Tapered Lens Technology (TLT).

Us: So what you are telling us is that with the Action Optics line we can protect our eyes from stray hooksets with a more comfortable fit, all the while seeing those sneaky fish much more clearly than before?

Them: Absolutely!

Us: Couple all this with a great warranty and it looks as though Smith Action Optics is bringing the total package to the table.

Them: You hit the nail on the head.

Us: OK the mic is off now. Off the record tell us the real reason the best anglers wear Smith Action Optics sunglasses?

Them: I'm really not at liberty to say.

Us: Oh come on now, This is "Us" you are talking to. Spill the beans or we will release those pics of you we took that the Denver Fly Fishing Retailer Show party last year.

Them: OK OK, You got me. Aside from the obvious fact that guys who wear Smith's are trusting their valuable eyesight to a quality product. Isn't it obvious? Chicks really dig 'em

Visit Smith Action Optics on the web for more information about the "Chamber" and their other new offerings for 2007.



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